BioTech — Student Testimonials


1. The Department of Biotechnology is the best. The teachers are highly knowledgeable. The labs are well-equipped,  and meet all your requirements for projects.

– Mrunal Natu (2016)

2. The department of Biotechnology of SCOE paved a path to scientific enlightenment for me, with its amazing teaching line, guidance and well equipped labs. The department helped me become a biotech engineer from a biology enthusiast. The syllabus is a good blend of biology and engineering subjects opening various paths to students after graduation.- Nikhataaliya M (2015)

3. Good Infrastructure – Ekta SharmaProgramme Analyst Trainee, Cognizant.

4. Lab Facilities, Library were good. – Shreyas Tribhuvane, M.Tech Student, ICT Mumbai.

5. It covers almost all subjects required for master degree – Aditi Chopde, Programme Analyst Trainee, Cognizant.

6. Good infrastructure, Descent faculty, Laboratory access to all – Sanket Jadhav.

7. It is good that chem. Engg. Subjects are included. The courses satisfy the requirements at leading foreign universities – Neha M. Bhide, MS Student Rutger’s University.

8.Good program – Sneha Sitaraman, M.Tech Student, Vellore Institutec of Technology.

9. Very good it is ranked par or even better with the leading universities in India and USA – Abhishek Lele, MS Student, University of Illinois, Chicago.

10. B Tech Biotechnology program is a really good. We get knowledge of not only core biotech subject but also of chemical engineering subject that proved helpful for me – Ashwini PurohitM.Tech Student, ICT Mumbai.

11. The Program facilities are relevant to course syllabus and employable – Sheetal S. Chavan, M.E Student, KIT Kolhapur.

12. The Program is much better than any other similar programs – Maya B Mane.

13. The Program Structure is good – Tejas K Shah, Ph.D Student, Symbiosis International University, Pune.

14. It is beneficial to students – Niraja Bhavishi, Systems Engineer Level 3, Infosys.

15.Program is good as compare to other universities – Shrishant Ankush P.