Production — POs And PEOs



Program Educational Objectives

  1. Development of high level technical knowledge and life-long  learning Activities among students to excel in the professional field and also globally.
  2. Development of appropriate skill required in manufacturing & industrial engineering to meet the need of Indian & International companies.
  3. Development of skill to formulate, analyze and solve a production system including automation.
  4. Development of professional & ethical attitude, effective communication skill, team-work skill and ability to relate engineering issues to social context including environment.

Program Outcomes

a) Program explained the need and application of mathematics & science in Production Engineering

b) Formulation of relevant problems, conduction and analysis of experiments by using modern mathematical methods

c) Design and development of manufacturing systems to meet the need of society within given constraints.

d) Ability to investigate, interpret and optimize the production system.

e) An ability to use modern manufacturing techniques and resources to solve the complexity in production system by understanding the limitations.

f) Applying professional engineering practices for social and contemporary issues

g) Ability to provide the engineering solutions by considering societal and environmental issues and use the knowledge for sustainable development

h) Understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities to compete on national or global platform

i) Ability to work as an individual or as a team member to solve the core and multi- disciplinary engineering problems

j) Develop effective communication skills in verbal and written form.

k) Applying engineering and management principles as an individual or as a team leader to meet the industrial requirements

l) Recognizing the need and preparing for lifelong learning to bring about a technological change.