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Research Projects

Research Projects: Faculty

Total Funds Received (till date): Rs. 11,60,73,433+18000($)+28.52 SID

1. From AICTE: Amount received (till date): Rs. 39,83,000

2. From TEQIP- Amount received (till date): Rs. 2,19,578

3. From BCUD: Amount received (till date): Rs. 54,20,000

4. From in Kind Resources: 10,64,50,855+18000($)+28.52 SID

5.Total Funded Research Activities:54

Sr. No.YearName of Principal InvestigatorTitle of Research ProjectAmount SanctionedFunding Agency
12019-20Prof. K. S. KhandelwalMSP-EXP4305529LP90,000/-Texas Instruments India
22019-20Prof. K. S. KhandelwalNVIDIA Teaching KIT18,000 $NVIDIA Corporation
32019-20Dr. S. C. BadwaikXILINX ISE 14.7 DVD SUITE28.52 SIDXILINX
42019-20Prof. M. N. Kakatkare Yantra Robotic Kits (Firebird Kits)1,76,473eYantra IIT, Bombay
52019-20Prof. Mrs. S. O. RajankarProf. Mrs. V. G. RautInternational Conference on Pervasive Computing (ICPC-2020)3,00,000BCUD, SPPU 
62017-18Prof. Mrs. S. O. RajankarProf. Mrs. V. G. RautNational Conference on Pervasive Computing (NCPC-2018)1,00,000BCUD, SPPU 
72016-17Prof. S. B. MuleAdvanced Telecommunication Symposium60,000BCUD, SPPU(Seminar)
82016-17Dr. S. R. GanorkarProf Y. D. ChincholkarDesign & Performance Evaluation of Patchwork Coding-Based Audio Watermarking for Signal Processing Attack1,20,000 BCUD, SPPU
92016-17Prof. M. N. KakatkarAdaptive Fuzzy Neural Network Control for Nonlinear Control System2,10,000 BCUD, SPPU
102016-17Prof. S. C. BadwaikDevelopment of Next Generation ISL Decoder2,50,000/-BCUD, SPPU
112016-17Prof. S. A. ShirsatDesign & Development of High Throughput IFFT Processor for OFDM Applications1,70,000 BCUD, SPPU
122016-17Prof. V. G. RautArtifact Identification and Elimination from Brain Activity Pattern forBrain Computer Interface2,10,000 BCUD, SPPU
132016-17Prof. S. B. TakaleHardware Realization of Wireless Sensor Based Parameter Monitoring System1,60,000 BCUD, SPPU
142015-16Prof. M. S. KakadeReal Time Operating System Development9,40,00,000ARM & STMicroelectronics (UK)
152015-16Prof. M. N. KakatkareYantra Robotic Kits(Firebird Kits)53,997eYantra IIT, Bombay
162015-16Prof. R. R. Deshmukh4M Series Pioneer Kit14,385Cypress MFG. LTD.
172014-15Dr. S. S. LokhandePLC-FX2N16MTESSUL26,000ACG Pampac Machines Pvt Ltd
182014-15Prof. V. B. BaruFace and Expression Recognition Analysis using Local Directional Number Pattern Based on Embedded Technology1,20,000BCUD SPPU 
192014-15Prof. U. R. MoreHardware Realization of Wireless Sensor Node1,00,000BCUD SPPU 
202014-15Prof. S. V. TatheMultimodal Surveillance System for Person Identification1,90,000BCUD SPPU 
212014-15Dr. S. D. LokhandeProf. Mrs. S. S. LokhandeSoft Computing for Intelligent Control6,09,000 AICTE New Delhi (SDP) 
222014-15Dr. S. D. LokhandeProf. M. M. JadhavInternational Conference on Pervasive Computing3,00,000BCUD SPPU (Conf.)
232013-14Prof. M. M. JadhavDr. M. B. MaliVisualization and Modelling of Stochastic Processes in Communication Engineering1,00,000BCUD SPPU
242013-14Prof. R. B. DhumaleDr. S. D. LokhandeLife Cycle Monitoring of DC Link Electrolytic Capacitor in Power Converter by Using Fuzzy Neural Network1,30,000BCUD SPPU
252013-14Prof. Mrs. P. M. BangareProf. R. B. DhumaleProf. Mrs. N. D. ThombareNational Conference on Latest Trends in E&TC -201350,000BCUD SPPU
262012-13Prof. M. N. Kakatkar10 Microcontroller and 2 DSP boards90,000Texas Instruments
272012-13Prof. S.D.MaliProf. P. U. BambelProf. A. B. KanwadeNational Symposium on Pervasive Computing -20131,52,194TEQIP
282012-13Prof. S. B. TakaleProf. S. B. PatilSDP on Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Electronics Instruments67,384TEQIP
292012-13Dr. S. D. LokhandeProf. R. B. DhumaleFault Detection and Diagnosis of Three Phase VSI using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Interface System3,00,000BCUD SPPU
302012-13Dr. R. S. KawitkarDesign And Analysis of Semi-Smart Antenna Array2,50,000BCUD SPPU
312012-13Dr. S. P. NaroteIris Image Acquisition on The Move3,00,000BCUD SPPU
322011-12Dr. S. D. LokhandeProf. Y. D. ChincholkarModernization for Communication on Network Lab6,00,000AICTE, New Delhi
332011-12Prof. Mrs. M. M. WankhadeProf. M. P. WankhadeTracking Of Persons for Video Surveillance of Unattended Environment1,00,000BCUD SPPU
342010-11Prof. Mrs. S. S. LokhandeProf. S. B. TakaleNeural Network Design2,00,000AICTE New Delhi (SDP)
352009-10Prof. M. B. MaliVLSI Implementation of Low Drift LowPower BGR1,00,000BCUD SPPU
362009-10Prof. Mrs. S. O. RajankarProf. Mrs. P. S. DeshpandeComparative Study of ECG Signal Analysis by Different Techniques50,000BCUD SPPU
372009-10Prof. Mrs. A. M DeshmukhPAPR Reduction in DVB1,00,000BCUD SPPU
382009-10Prof. Mrs. S. S. LokhandeDr. S. D. LokhandeDevelopment of IMC-ANN controller 2,00,000BCUD SPPU
392009-10Prof. M. N. KakatkarMEMS Systems Development50,000BCUD SPPU
402009-10Prof. S. B. MuleComparative Study of ECG Alithmiya Recognition Using Wavelet &MCSVM1,50,000BCUD SPPU
412009-10Prof. Ms. S.B. PatilProf. S. P. NaroteAn Implementation of Multimodal Biometric System for Personal Identification 2,50,000.00BCUD SPPU
422009-10Prof. S. B. TakaleDr. S. D. LokhandeDesign Of Circular Microstrip Antenna Using Various Optimization Techniques 2,00,000.00BCUD SPPU
432009-10Prof. H. B. MaliWavelet Transform Image Data Base Retrieval for Textural Features50,000.00BCUD SPPU
442009-10Prof. Mrs. P. S. DeshpandeProf. Mrs. S. O. RajankarComparative Study of Pathological Arrhythmia Recognition Using Wavelet Transform 50,000.00BCUD SPPU
452008-09Dr. S. D. LokhandeProf. Mrs. V. G. RautModernization of Electronics Measurement Laboratory. 6,00,000.00AICTE New Delhi 
462007-08Dr. S. D. LokhandeProf. Mrs. S.S. Lokhande Development of NLCS Based on Embedded Neural Models 2,00,000.00BCUD SPPU
472007-08Prof. S. R. GanorkarIris Recognition: An Immerging Biometric Technology1,50,000BCUD SPPU
482007-08Prof. S. P. NaroteIris Recognition system1,50,000BCUD SPPU
492007-08Prof. S. P. NaroteProf. Ms. Priya CharlesImage Compression 1,00,000BCUD SPPU
502007-08Prof. V. V. DixitBreast Cancer Diagnosis Image Processing Approach1,00,000BCUD SPPU
512007-08Prof. S P. NaroteBiometric and RFID Based Security System7,76,000AICTE New Delhi (RPS)
522007-08Prof. S P. NaroteProf. M. N. KakatkarProf. Ms.  S. B.  PatilFDP on Advanced Digital Signal Processing1,98,000AICTE New Delhi (SDP) 
532006-07Dr. S. D. LokhandeDr. R. D. KhardakarProf. A. D. JadhavModernization of Embedded Laboratory10,00,000AICTE New Delhi 
542005-06Dr. M.B. Mali 20 FPGA Kits and 20 Libero Software License 1,20,00,000 ACTEL USA