Civil — Research Projects


Research Activity

Sr. No.YearName of PI & Co-PITitle of Research ProjectAmount SanctionedFunding Agency
1.2016-2018Dr. S. S. ShastriStudy of Decentralized on site waste management system for multi storeyed building including process optimization and their impact on environment and carbon footprint1.7 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
2.2016-2018Mr. P.B. KodagBehaviour of concrete column confined with fiber composites loaded eccentrically1.3 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
3.2016-2018Mr. M.V. BhogoneInfluence of fiber strength on fracture characteristics of normal and high strength concrete1.4 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
4.2013-2015Mrs. J. P. Bhusari,Mr. M. V. BhogoneParametric Studies for Characterization of Reactive Powder Concrete1.40 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
5.2010-2012Mrs. S. S. JainCritical Review of Empirical Attenuation Relations Considering Site Amplification Effects2 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
6.2010-2012Mr. M. V. Bhogone,Mrs. J. P. BhusariMechanical Properties of Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) Containing Various Mineral Admixtures Under Different Curing Conditions2 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
7.2010-2012Mr. P. B. KodagBehavior of Concrete Column Confined with Fiber Composites2 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
8.2009-2011Mr. S. T. Mali,Dr. (Mrs.) K.C. KhareModelling Interaction of Leachate with Groundwater1.75 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
9.2009-2011Dr. S. M. ShiyekarAnalysis of Functionally Graded Plates1.9 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
10.2009-2011Mr. S. S. Shastri,Mrs. V. S. LimayeFeasibility Study of Integrated Management of Kitchen Waste and Human Excreta Waste1.75 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
11.2009-2011Dr. M. R. Shiyekar,Mrs. P. G. KulkarniLimit State Behavior of Structural Steel Members Under Combined Effect of Moment-Shear-Axial Force1 lakhUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
12.2009-2011Miss. S. S. Tikhe,Dr. (Mrs.) K.C. KharePhotocatalytic Coating on Pavements for Vehicular Pollution Abatement1.9 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
13.2009-2011Mrs. D. R. Vaidya,Mr. S. K. KulkarniElastic Properties of RCC Under Axial And Flexural Loading1.75 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
14.2009-2011Mr. Chetan PiseTurbidity Removal Using Blended Coagulant Alum and Moringa Oleifera1.80 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)
15.2008-2010Mr. S.T. MaliAdvanced Surveying Laboratory10 lakhsAICTE (MODROB)
16.2007-2009Dr. (Mrs.) K.C. Khare,Mr. S.T. MaliAnaerobic Bioreactor Landfill for Biostabilization and Green Renewable Energy Generation From Municipal Solid Waste: Case Study8.5 lakhsAICTE (RPS)
17.2007-2008Dr. M.R. ShiyekarStructural Dynamics Laboratory7 lakhsAICTE (MODROB)
18.2007-2009Dr. (Mrs.) K.C. Khare,Mr. S.T. MaliFeasibility Study of Anaerobic Bioreactor Landfill for Bio-Stabilization and Energy Generation from Municipal Solid Waste: Case Study of Pune City2 lakhsUniversity of Pune(BCUD)