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To be a recognized undergraduate chemical engineering programme and a center of excellence that nurtures innovations in chemical engineering education and research.


To provide high quality education to the students for ethical professional practice and to establish scientific and technological basis for chemical engineering practice.

About Us

Chemical Engineering is serving as ‘backbone’ for the entire spectrum of the process industry. Its direct involvement into the fields of petrochemicals, production of inorganic and organic chemicals, food processing industry and waste recycle has made its mark among the core engineering sciences. Now its entry into the multiple discipline of Environmental engineering,Energy conservation, Cosmetology and Biotechnology is paving new ways for advancement in science and technology. Chemical engineers design, build and operate the plants to produce the materials we use in daily life. Numerous products such as petrol, plastics, processed foods, fertilizers, paints, cement, paper and pharmaceuticals are created by chemical engineers. Chemical engineering is also involved in the development of new materials such as polymers, ceramics, composites, biomaterials and nonmaterial.

The department has well equipped laboratories and computer center with internet access. Department is also having high precision analytical instruments like UV – Visible Spectrophotometer and AAS.