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Research Activities

Research Title of the PhD completed researchers

Sr. NoName of StudentTitle of Research
1Ms. M. P. SatoneAutomatic Face Recognition technique using wavelet and genetic algorithm to improve recognition performance.
2Mr. R. B. DhumaleFault detection & diagnosis of 3 phase VSI using DWT and Fuzzy neural network.
3Mr. S. C. BadwaikDevelopment of Hand gesture recognition system with reference to the marathi sign language
4Mr. V. D. GaikwadAn improved pedestrain Detection and lanedeparture warning system for advanced driver assistance
5Mr. R. C. JaiswalInvestigation on Traffic modelling and traffic recognition techniques in computer networks
6Mr. P. B. ChopadeNovel technique of performance analysis of multiframe super resolution based on quality metrics using wavelet transform
7Mr. V. V. DixitDevelopment of multiple hand –based  bio-metrics  using multi resolution frame work
8Mr. B. D. JadhavAnalysis of high resolution multispectral Satellite Images for land coverage mapping and agriculture management
9Mr. S. S. MusaleDevelopment of Texture Analysis Algorithm for Identification of Defective Agro Product: A Case Study of Alphonso Mango.
10Mrs. B. A. DixitIntelligent interpretation of affective health data through recognition of emotion profiles
11Mr. S. V. GaikwadDevelopment of RF and MW radiation source to control Insects and Germs in Agriculture
12Mr. P. N. KotaReduction of peak power and Bit error rate in MIMO OFDM system using scrambling technique
13Mr. R. A. VattiThrouput improvement of high density randomly deployed IEEE 802.15.4 based wireless personal area network
14Mr. G. R. PatilInvestigation into channel estimation and detection techniques for MIMO based wireless communication systems.
15Mr. S. D. ChavanModeling and Simulation of Bio-Inspired Wireless Sensor Networks (Bio WSN) for Disaster Management.
16Mr. R. M. DesaiReinforcement learning algorithm for optimized routine for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
17Mr. D. G. GanageDirection of arrival estimation and optimization techniques for adaptive antenna array
18Mr. K. G. GunaleComputational Intelligent based Anomaly Recognition in Video Sequences for Surveillance Application.
19Mr. D. K. KamatApplication of Bio-Impedance Analysis for Body Composition Skin Disease and Heart Disease Using Embedded Healthcare System.
20Ms. H. H. KondhalkarDesign of an efficient hybrid classification technique for Speech Data Mining.
21Ms. A. A. KunteDi electric characterization using Microstrip resonator sensor by TLM method.
22Ms. H. D. MarneDesign and Development of Algorithms to Enhance the Performance of OFDM-IDMA system by improving BER.
23Ms. P. M. BangareEffective on-chip reconfigurable computing for general purpose applications.
24Ms. V. G. RautModelling and Interpretation of brain activity pattern for enhancing brain computer interface as assistive technology.
25Ms. Surekha K SMulti Lead ECG signal compression for hand held devices
26Mr. S. S. KulkarniHybrid Routing Technique for Multi-hop Adhoc Cognitive Radio Networks with reference to public Safety Networks.
27Ms. S. B. PatilAutomatic Analysis of Retina Disease In context of Diabetics and Hypertension
28Mr. N. M. ShivsharanDevelopment and performance evaluations of algorithms for detection and classification of diabetic retinopathy arading system.
29Ms. S. S. TakEfficient fault tolerant static Random Access Memory with improved reliability against failures.
30Mr Y. D. ChincholkarMultifractal modelling, segmentation, prediction and statistical validation of brain tumor in MR images.