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Research Projects Undertakeby Faculty Members

YearName of Principal InvestigatorTitle of Research ProjectAmount SanctionedFunding Agency
2016-17Mr. G. R. PathakTo design and implement energy efficient secured framework for Wireless Sensor Network1,80,000/-BCUD, Pune
2016-17Dr. Mrs. K. S. ThakareFlexible content based video surveiilance retreival for crime detection based on moving object detection52,000/-BCUD, Pune
2016-17Mrs. B. P. VasgiSecure Sharing of Personal Health Care Record in outsource environemnt80,000/-BCUD, Pune
2016-17Mrs. S. M. JaybhayeAdaptive Execution of Scientific Workflow Applications to improve performance on cloud computing1,40,000/-BCUD, Pune
2016-17Mr. A. N. BhuteAn Integrated Health Monitoring System for Heart Patients using Wireless Computing
1,40,000/-BCUD, Pune
2014-15Mrs. A. A. AgarkarSecured Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network1,70,000/-BCUD, Pune
2011-12Mr. N. J. UkeRoad Sign Detection and Tracking – Vision based Driver Support System5,90,000/-RPS – AICTE
2010-11Mr. I. A. DhotreVehicle Detection using Background Subtraction Method2,00,000/-BCUD, Pune
2010-11Mrs. K. S. KorabuDocument Summarization1,50,000/-BCUD, Pune
2010-11Mr. M. V. NimbalkarDynamic Cryptography Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks1,40,000/-BCUD, Pune
2010-11Mrs. K. S. ThakareContent based Video Retrieval in compressed Domain : An Application to Education Field2,00,000/-BCUD,Pune
2009-10Mr. A. W. RohankarReal time Modeling for Network Keys Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network50,000/-BCUD,Pune
2009-10Mr. N. J. UkeVideo Segmentation and Organization of Lecture Video based on Contents2,00,000/-BCUD,Pune
2009-10Mr. G. R. PathakMonitoring and Controlling Street Lights using Wireless Sensor Networks1,00,000/-BCUD,Pune

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