E & TC — Research



Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Ph. D. research centre in Sinhgad College of Engineering was established in 2010, for advanced research and development. Since its inception, it has been working for the growth of electronics & has established the required infrastructure and well experienced manpower for undertaking R&D in the following major areas:

  1. Image processing
  2. Soft computing
  3. Communication systems
  4. Signal processing
  5. Semiconductor Devices & VLSI systems
  6. Embedded systems.

Research Centre will be involved in the continuous improvement and enhancement of providing services ranging from the definition of the problem to the actual design, testing, verification, and finally the implementation of solutions or measures.

Savitribai Phule Pune University conducts entrance examination in two parts. Part A is common for all faculties. Part B is specific to respective branch.

Candidate who Passed Part A and B is eligible for Ph. D. Admission interview. Research Centre conducts Ph. D. interview and accordingly guide is allotted for Research Work.

The following are the guides approved by Pune University to E&TC Research Centre of SCOE.

Internal guides:

  1. Dr. S. D. Lokhande
  2. Dr. M. B. Mali
  3. Dr. R. S. Kawitkar
  4. Dr. S. R. Ganorkar

Associated Guides:

  1. Dr. G. K. Kharate
  2. Dr. D. S. Bormane
  3. Dr. S. D. Markande
  4. Dr. A. N. Gaikwad
  5. Dr. V. K. Kokate
  6. Dr. P. B. Mane
  7. Dr. B. P. Patil
  8. Dr. Y. Ravindar
  9. Dr. Mrs. Prachi Mukharji
  10. Dr. A. V. Kulkarni
  11. Dr. S. K. Shah
  12. Dr. P. M. Patil
  13. Dr. A. D. Jadhav
  14. Dr. S. P. Narote
  15. Dr. M. T. Kolte